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The Omni Arena is thrilling fun for the novice and expert alike!

When you come to a place like FearLess Adventure Park, you expect to be thrilled and wowed, and our adventure park is certainly no different. Along with many fun and enjoyable attractions, we have recently added one that you won’t see in just any adventure park: the Omni Arena.


What is the Omni Arena?

The Omni Arena is a great virtual reality experience that you can’t get from just anywhere. Seen on Shark Tank and now in a select few adventure parks, this high-energy virtual sports attraction allows you to not just play the games, but be IN the games through virtual reality and specialized equipment. This allows you to walk, roam, and run within a variety of gameplay settings.

PBLK VR Dad Son April 2019

Who is the Omni Arena for?Action_01_Player

The Omni Arena is great for novice gameplayers and experts alike! The novice players are able to take a little more time, wander and become accustomed to this type of VR experience. The experienced players, on the other hand, are able to run throughout the various games, meet with team members they’ve played with before, and experience new challenges and new rivals.

Are there prizes?

Yes! The Omni Area is not only great fun, but offers up great prizes as well. There is an annual $100,000 prize awarded to Omni Arena players, and who knows? The next winner could be you!

If you are looking for some great fun and a new kind of virtual reality experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself into the game, come check out Omni Arena here at FearLess Adventure Park!

You have to be at least 4’6” to be able to use the Omni.

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