Group/Corporate Events

Everyone can find something enjoyable at your next group event.

When you come to FearLess Adventure Park, there is something for everyone! Whether you like to get right into the action or sit more on the sidelines, there is a place for you and everyone in your group here. We are the ideal place for your next group event, no matter the party. If you are having a company party, teambuilding event, celebration, church group event, or community group event, we have a variety of food and entertainment to ensure that everyone has a good time. If you are looking for a great location and venue for your next group event, please contact us today.

Group Events

Our corporate events ensure everyone in your party has a fun and memorable experience.

Corporate events are a great way to create a sense of teamwork with those you work with on a regular basis. While there are many venues that will offer events tailored to these needs, you should check out FearLess Adventure Park for our events! We are a wonderful venue for all your staff. Our activities are great for team-building exercises and are just plain fun! We have a large and spacious venue, good food, and offer a variety of activities that will suit any personality. To learn more about hosting a corporate event at our facility, please contact us today.

Corporate Events

  • *all parties 12 or more will need additional space- needs to be coordinated with additional fee.

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When you come to FearLess Adventure Park, you will enjoy a unique experience where you can try things without fear! Our experienced coaches are here to assist you. Contact us today for answers to your questions!